Guitty’s Practice

I offer individual and couples’ counselling.

With individual counselling, my interest and experience is working in the following areas:

▪ depression
▪ anxiety
▪ bereavement
▪ anger
▪ relationship tensions
▪ separation
▪ divorce
▪ obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
▪ trauma
▪ post-traumatic stress
▪ stress due to chronic illness/conditions e.g. pain
▪ emotional struggles in parenting
▪ retirement
▪ ageing
▪ ‘empty nest syndrome’
▪ social isolation
▪ ‘simply needing someone to talk to’

Emotional struggles are a part of normal living but from time to time they can be overwhelming. This is when a talking therapy can bring enormous relief.

The talking therapies can also reduce the chances of symptoms returning and significantly reduce or help avoid the need for medication.

Professionally guided talking allows one first of all to ‘unload’. The sharing of one’s grief or emotional struggles in a safe and held environment is the first step to healing. Continued guided talking is aimed at helping you develop insights and awareness into your reality or circumstances. Then with this knowledge and greater understanding of yourself and your needs, you can start to make the desired changes you wish to achieve. I am there to help clear the ‘fog’, guide and be with you at each step towards your goals.

With couples counselling the focus of the work is on the couple as an entity as well as separate individuals. The aim is to reach acceptance, repair and enrichment. One of the tasks for the counsellor is to maintain neutrality throughout the course.

I offer short, medium, and long-term courses depending on the issues presented and what changes you are looking to make. You are at liberty to stop whenever you want to.

I am committed to the wellbeing of my clients.