More about Guitty and her approach

As an integrative therapist I draw upon a number of theories/therapies to inform my work. I am trained in Transactional Analysis and Attachment Theory but also integrate aspects of Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt and Person-Centred therapies.

Creative methods to complement the guided talking are also introduced such as meditative relaxation, metaphors, imagery and sand tray work. Homework and various exercises, where appropriate, are also used in particular with couples. I am happy to explore the spiritual dimension in finding meaning and healing to the despair if clients so wish this.

It is the quality of the therapeutic relationship that largely determines the success of the counselling outcome. This important and critical relationship is charachterised by trust, empathy, respect, being non-judgmental, warmth, and the principle of ‘I’m OK-You’re OK’ (equal level working relationship taken from Transactional Analysis therapy).

I am pleased to say that I came to counselling in later life bringing to it my knowledge and experience from my past work (teaching, medical research and hospital administration) and rich life experiences (family and community life). This has provided a huge reservoir of knowledge and experience to draw on, in addition to excellent training from the Guild, when I am with my clients.